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Children Express Care Clinic: Trusted Professionals

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Our Values

We deliver health and happiness to children and their families, by embracing our divine potential, serving authentically, nurturing relationships, and creating places of healing. We strive to transform every patient’s experience to be one that will leave them satisfied. We aim to make a difference through exceptional service and commitment to serve our patients.


We provide a wide variety of convenient care services for children from 12 months to a young adult. Our facility is specifically designed to treat your youngsters’ minor injuries and illnesses, and uses the latest technology and techniques to provide quick service and a comfortable experience for the whole family. We are able to perform examinations, lab testing, and a broad range of treatments in house. This allows us to give our patients the best treatment plan possible, cut down on wait times, and provide all-around convenient express care services. We don’t want to steal you away from your favorite pediatrician. We want to work alongside your children’s primary care providers to make sure they are taken care of, especially when it’s after regular business hours. Sometimes illness or injury just can’t wait until the following morning.

Doctor's Appointment

What makes us different? 

Kid Friendly Environment 
Child Focused Treatment
Pediatric Urgent Care Services
Short Wait Times

  • Our facility is specifically designed to be inviting and appealing to families and children.

  • We use a variety of techniques and treatment modalities to comfort children (and parents!)

  • Our pediatric urgent care services include non-emergent acute medical care for children, on-site point-of-care laboratory testing and more.

  • Wait-time 3-4 hours less than the emergency room 

  • After hours and weekend availability 

  • Copay range $25-75 compare to ER copays of $150-$500

Very professional. I called today to schedule a same day appointment for my 13 year old. She complained of her head pounding, ear ache, and she was running a fever. Initially, I contacted her PCP, but did not get a call back from the nurse. No worries, clinics are backed up, so I get it.

I contacted the clinic and got a call back less than 5 minutes later! I called back, spoke with Miss Taquita, who is an absolute treasure and delight. She said we can get her in at 5:30. Perfect.

Walked in, clinic is very welcoming! Staff is very attentive, was checked in and in the room within 10 minutes of being checked in. Staff apologized as they were short staffed. No worries, I get it. Life happens.

Miss TaQuita’s bedside manners are wonderful. She came in and thoroughly checked my baby out. She asked all of the pertinent questions, asked me if I wanted her tested for COVID and was very patient and understanding. These are the qualities of an excellent practitioner.

I am grateful for her clinic. It is 5 minutes from our house, and she got us in the same day. She put my fears and concerns to rest. I truly appreciate her and her staff.

If you are needing express care for your babies without feeling rushed and without feeling as if your primary care does not care, please schedule your appointment today with Children Express Care Clinic.

Alicia Toles

Parent Review


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